Eating disorders

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are surprisingly common. Over 1 million Australians – about 4% of the population – are currently living with an eating disorder. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase of eating disorders and disordered eating behaviours, with Australia’s Butterfly National Helpline receiving a 48% increase in contacts over the past year.

How can churches support someone with an eating disorder?

Churches can play an important role in supporting someone with an eating disorder. They can connect them into a caring community and love them unconditionally in practical ways.

Eating disorders: where can I learn more or get help?

Here are some resources (including websites, organisations, and books) that seek to support anyone impacted by an eating disorder.

10/10 Videos - Polly's Story

Polly talks frankly about her struggles with eating disorders and other forms of anxiety and how isolating these can be.