Eating disorders

Eating disorders are surprisingly common. Over 1 million Australians – about 4% of the population – are currently living with an eating disorder. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase of eating disorders and disordered eating behaviours, with Australia’s Butterfly National Helpline receiving a 48% increase in contacts over the past year.

‘Trauma’ is the term used to describe a ‘wound to the mind,’ characterised by certain enduring symptoms. This resource provides a basic overview of what trauma is.

As God’s people, we want to reflect his heart of compassion and love in our dealings with everyone. What might a compassionate and caring response to those experiencing trauma look like? Here are five suggestions that may assist in beginning that process.

In recent years, the study of trauma response and its ongoing effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder has escalated, with mental health professionals developing better insights into the physical and psychological suffering that results. Dr Gladys Mwiti, an international expert on trauma, was recently invited to speak at our professional development day on the subject.