Resources for churches

Supporting and being inclusive of all the diverse needs of your congregation can often be a challenge. To enable churches to better address mental health and pastoral care issues, we have developed a number of resources specifically for churches.

We hope these resources will make a real and lasting impact upon the mental and spiritual wellbeing of many in our churches and communities.

Topics for churches

World Mental Health Day

On 10 October, our aim is to reduce the stigma for those in your congregation facing mental health challenges.

World Suicide Prevention Day

On 10 September, an awareness day is observed to encourage our commitment and action to prevent suicides.


These devotions have been written for you to use for spiritual encouragement. They are short and include a prayer.

Cultivating wellbeing in a church community

Wellbeing is important for every one of us. The right habits and attitudes can have a great benefit on wellbeing.


Our mental health courses for Christians draw upon biblical truth, as well as key insights from psychological science.


Listen to the true stories of individuals from our communities and their deeply personal encounters with mental health.

About mental health

Nearly 1 in 2 of Australians will suffer a diagnosable mental health disorder at some stage of their lives.

Supporting Carers

Christian health providers are particularly at risk of burnout, from putting the needs of others consistently above their own.

Supporting someone with a mental illness

The church is an invaluable place for the community, where many people are likely to go to seek help for mental illness.

Mental health: What Christian faith can offer

Even with many advances in clinical psychology, Christian faith can provide enormous benefits to people’s lives.

a red lifesaving ring attached to a railing

12 tips to support someone struggling with their mental health

Here are some practical ways to support the mental health of yourself and your loved ones.

MH+PC support for churches

Speaking engagements

Keith and Sarah are focused on the work of the Institute and do not often have time available for speaking engagements. If you are interested in contacting them about a possible speaking engagement, you may send a message using the form on our contact page.

Consultancy for churches

Keith and Sarah are able to offer help and support in developing structures in your church that support the mental wellbeing and care provided. If you are interested in contacting them about this, you may send a message using the form on our contact page.