Remembering our unshakable God

Hills and mountains are unshifting things. On a fine clear day, I can see the Blue Mountains from the train as I cross the Harbour Bridge. They offer a beautiful backdrop to the landscape. But I don’t anticipate that one day, they will have moved and no longer exist. So, I find Isaiah 54:10 curious.

Being resilient when we are depleted

A pretty bleak picture is painted in Isaiah 29:8. Hunger and thirst, restless nights filled with vivid dreams, and awakening feeling depleted and weary. After two years of living in a pandemic, I read these verses and think that they capture something of our collective weariness.

A roadmap for the soul

The arterial roads in Massachusetts are infamous for their short onramps and thundering speeds. When I lived there a few years ago, I became skilled at slamming the accelerator before I was sure the way was clear, rapidly glancing over my (left) shoulder and hovering over the brake in anticipation of a car appearing from nowhere, which would likely be travelling at least 10 miles above the limit.

The scent of water

Yesterday I smelt water. It rained and as the rain drops touched the ground, a gentle scent arose. The scent of water. Being a city dweller, this is not a smell I think about much. But I remember being with a farmer as he stood in a dry paddock and said he could smell rain coming.

How to persevere when your resilient doughnut is mouldy

Mary spent most of her working life as a school counsellor and made use of a tool to teach resilience to parents and children called “The Resilient Doughnut”. One of the wonderful things about this doughnut model is its positive focus. Around the doughnut are a range of factors that impact our resilience and people are drawn to look at what is working in their lives.

When our world shakes: Six ways to respond to COVID-19

Recent times have brought significant challenges to many within the Australian community. Drought, bushfires, severe storms have each taken their toll. And now there is the coronavirus. While certain words – catastrophic, unprecedented – have almost become clichés, the reality is that every one of us is being affected, often in ways we’ve never before experienced.

Lyn’s story

Lyn is a clinical psychologist and a Christian. Lyn describes the types of issues that her clients come to see her for help. Her approach looks at how to help build a person’s resilience. She believes that the Christian faith and Christian communities have an enormous amount to offer.