Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is a Christian marriage enrichment course created to help couples in nurturing their marriage, across five easy sessions. The course gives couples a chance to stop and focus on their marriage and how to make it better.

It is available in two formats: Online – for couples at home; and in person – for churches as a marriage enrichment course. It is available in Australia and Internationally.

Why create Building a Safe & Strong Marriage?

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is a shared experience that seeks to strengthen your relationship and give you the tools to build a great marriage. We believe that strong, healthy marriages leave a wonderful legacy, benefiting children, church communities and the wider society.

Benefit from other couples’ experience and insights, and follow their journey as you travel yours.

“It is our hope that each couple completing this course will come away with the sense that their marriage is stronger and healthier, that the information and activities in the course would draw a couple closer to each other, enabling them to feel safe, to share honestly and to support each other through the challenges of life that we all face. 

Ultimately, we hope the legacy of this course will bring blessing to all who are influenced by these safe and strong marriages.”

Sarah and Rev. Dr. Keith Condie

Download this video to use to promote the course in your church or organisation:

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About Building a Safe & Strong Marriage

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is the culmination of 15 years teaching by Keith & Sarah Condie. This biblically-based course uses the tenets of the Bible, combined with current marriage research to help couples think through how to make their marriage better.

At times it may be challenging, but this marriage course will provide you with the tools and pathways to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage and how you can improve it.

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is available in the following formats:

Online – making it easy for couples to work through together from home at a time that works for them.

In person – making it easy for churches to run a marriage enrichment course for church members and their broader community. All resources to run the course are provided.

  • Session 1

    God’s design for marriage

  • Session 2

    What damages our connectedness in marriage?

  • Session 3

    Building the positives – friendship and communication

  • Session 4

    Building the positives – sex and spirituality

  • Session 5

    Managing conflict gently

“Marriage is not a big thing, marriage is a million little things”

Is this online marriage course for me?

We believe this course will be good for your marriage.  You can enrich your marriage from the comfort of home at a time that works best for you. Just set aside a block of time each week to work through the course together.

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage draws upon wisdom from two main sources: the Bible and marriage research. Much of what the research affirms about healthy and happy marriages is consistent with principles outlined in the Bible. We believe this course will benefit any marriage, even if participants don’t share our faith commitment.

How the Building Marriage course works

There are five sessions in the online course. In each session, there are a number of short videos, which includes input from Keith and Sarah, and from couples who share about their marriage. There are a number of breaks in each session for you to chat together using the questions and activities provided in the course workbook.

Once you have access to the course via our online store, you will have 10 weeks to complete it. As a rough guide there is enough content in each session to fill 2 hours. You may want to work through some of the activities and questions more slowly.

We recommend you work through this online course on a computer or tablet device such as an iPad. There’s a comprehensive workbook to interact with on the same device or on a smart phone – so you can make use of more than one device. Alternatively, you can print out the workbook if you prefer to handwrite notes and answers to activities.

How much does Building Marriage cost?

The Building Marriage course is currently available for $59.95 per couple, to complete at home. This will provide you with access to the online course for 10 weeks, which is ample time to complete the 5 sessions within the Building a Safe & Strong Marriage course.

"Building a Safe and Strong Marriage encourages self-awareness in relationships, the key to any change. I particularly appreciate the combination of sensitivity and humour, which helps create space for thinking about even the most challenging topics in relationships.

The course is careful and enriching, and brings together biblical content with research on healthy relationships. It will be challenging but fruitful for any participant."

Lauren Errington

Mental Health Social Worker and Family Therapist

"This course is suitable for any age or stage of marriage, and not just for Christians. We were so encouraged to see the attendance of couples married for a year, as well as couples married for many decades….

…. Are you married? We couldn’t recommend this course strongly enough."

Morwenna Baird, course participant

St Michael's Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong

"Cath [my wife] and I have started to do [the course] together. I am pretty sure in a year’s time lots of us are going to be running this course. Because really… there’s nothing else out there quite like this. Certainly there’s nothing Australian out there, and there’s nothing that goes remotely near touching the theology with the wisdom and, well, actually touching the theology at all, compared to what you’ve done here. I think it’s going to be widely used and you’ve done us a great service."

Dominic Steele

The Pastor's Heart and Village Church, Annandale

"The Building a Strong & Safe Marriage course is a well-crafted, engaging and easy to use resource. It reflects the decades of experience that Keith Condie has as a theological lecturer at Moore College, and the many years of experience that Sarah Condie has as a pastoral care worker in churches.

We have used this with couples from our church and found it to be a blessing to those who participated. The video looks just gorgeous, and the high production values make it an attractive and easy to use tool. We will definitely be using it again!"

Edward and Jane Vaughan

St John's Darlinghurst

Are you a church or organisation?

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage Marriage provides an easy means of supporting and strengthening marriages in your church, organisation, and beyond. Invest in marriages by  including the course in your church or organisation’s annual program. And why not offer the course to those outside the church as a means of serving the local community.

You can run Building a Safe & Strong Marriage in two ways: in person, or online. We recommend you run the course in person.

How to run a Building Marriage course in person

As a church or organisation, it’s easy to run the course in person to demonstrate your commitment to supporting marriages.

  • Step 1

    Find a venue and set the dates for your Building a Safe & Strong Marriage course. Let us know you’re running the course using the contact form.

  • Step 2

    Purchase course resources. Download the sessions, together with the Facilitator Manual and two Participant Workbooks per couple.

  • Step 3

    You are not required to provide teaching input. It’s all provided for you! All you have to do is provide a facilitator (and we recommend you have two), to host and run the course. The Facilitator Manual provides simple instructions on how to host your course.

  • Step 4

    Decide whether you want to charge participants to cover expenses. Finally, download the free materials for promotion.

How to run a Building Marriage course online

As a church or organisation, it’s easy to run the course online to allow participants to join in from the comfort of their own homes, or include people who may be far away.

  • Step 1

    Set a date for the course and promote it in your church and your local community. Download the promotional material below to help get the word out.

  • Step 2

    Once couples have registered with you, contact us to submit your group registration form. We'll then give you a code to purchase the course with the relevant discount.

  • Step 3

    Couples take each session at their own pace, completing one each week. Your group will have access to the course for 10 weeks. We recommend you send emails each fortnight to follow up the couples who have signed up. We will provide you with sample emails you can send. This helps keep couples 'on track'.

  • Step 4

    Organise one or two times for couples to meet up, whether online or in person, and share how they are benefitting from the course (optional). For example, some churches start the online course with a dinner for everyone as a 'launch' night and/or end with a dinner.

Group discounts for online

Churches and other organisations can receive a discount depending on the size of your group.

Group size

Price per person













group registration form

If you would like to do the course as a group, please download the group registration form, and send it to us at least 5 business days (1 week) prior to the date that you would like your group to begin. 

We will register your participants to the online learning platform and give you a code to purchase the online course at a discount.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Building Marriage course, you have a group registration form to send us, or you want to let us know you’re running a course in person, contact us!

Purchase Building a Safe & Strong Marriage securely via our online shop