A mother’s prayer for her baby

This prayer was written by Jane Dove for her new granddaughter Emilia Grace. It provides a beautiful model for new Mums in how to pray for their baby or small child.

Five minutes' peace for families in lockdown

When I think about all the families going through lockdown right now, I think about cabin fever. Doing life, all of life, eating, sleeping, working, schooling all under one roof. I think of that cooped up feeling and a craving for quiet, privacy. Parents everywhere: I am in awe of you.

Motherhood and loss

‘Can you be a mother if you don’t have a child?’ This question plagued me for a long time. Our son Timothy was born prematurely. I gave birth to him, he lived for thirty minutes and he died in our arms. Is there a word for a mother without a baby to hold? Is there a word for a mother who never sees her baby learn to smile, to sit, to walk?