Press On: the why and the how

It was a hard year – plagued by medical issues and a death in the family – that impelled Albury couple Paul and Margie Sheely to focus on their mental wellbeing. They decided to do our Press On course. Serving in ministry, the Sheely’s soon saw the benefit the course could be to their wider church community. Now 40 people are being encouraged to ‘Press On’, as they do the course at Albury Presbyterian Churches!

In these videos, the Sheelys share why they decided to do the course themselves, the benefits they experienced, and how they went on to share the course with others in their church.

Meet the Sheely’s and discover what prompted them to do Press On:

Paul and Margie share the benefits they found from doing Press On:

Hear about the impact Press On had on Paul and Margie and how they are sharing the course with others at their church:

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