At the start of a new year—or any new season of life— it’s important to reflect on our own wellbeing and pay attention to self care. That’s why we asked friends who were part of our 10/10 video series on mental health (in October 2019) how they take care of their wellbeing. Their answers are insightful and helpful; some might even surprise you. We hope each will encourage you to take a look at your own strategies for facing the year ahead with a sense of wellbeing.

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These videos have become important resources for Christians who care for others in the church and broader community. And because intentional wellbeing is so important for all of us, we’ll be providing more resources in the coming months to help you and your church take better care. So watch this space!

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Staying mentally and spiritually strong as a Christian woman

In the last few weeks, as I’ve chatted with a number of women, I’ve seen how adept they are at juggling and pivoting. But we have many balls to juggle in life. Our plans go awry, and those balls just start tumbling. And this is when we feel the weariness and stress and think, ‘I can’t keep doing this.’

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a shepherd cares for his sheep, grazing on green grass on a hillside, with a misty valley in the background.

Pastoral Care and Sacrifice

The question for us as pastoral carers is whether Jesus saw any other significance in laying down his life for the sheep. And consequently, is there a type of sacrifice which Jesus calls his followers in pastoral care to make?

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