Pastoral Care and Sacrifice

a shepherd cares for his sheep, grazing on green grass on a hillside, with a misty valley in the background.

The question for us as pastoral carers is whether Jesus saw any other significance in laying down his life for the sheep. And consequently, is there a type of sacrifice which Jesus calls his followers in pastoral care to make?

Eight ways to care for survivors of natural disasters

Flooded road near Windsor, Western Sydney, NSW, Australia. July 5, 2022

Natural disasters traumatic events. The threat to (or loss of) life, property, livestock and livelihoods that often accompany these events can be extremely distressing, made all the more difficult during the Christmas season. With years of bushfires, drought and floods experienced in all parts of Australia, many people have been affected physically and emotionally, leaving […]

Pastoral Care and the Knowledge of God

Jesus casts a compelling vision of care in John chapter 10. In a world filled with strangers, thieves and robbers, where wolves abound, there is one that cares – and Jesus is unapologetic about claiming to be that one! Jesus is the Good Shepherd (Jn 10:11). Jesus’ claim to be the Good Shepherd draws deeply […]

To be a friend in the dust

The news anchor warned me that the story would be disturbing. It opened on a three-year-old Ukrainian boy lying in a hospital bed, connected by tubes to various apparatus. He stared into the distance, docile, while the reporter explained his story. Home bombed. Lost family members. The same atrocities we’ve been hearing about since Russia […]

The Origins of Care

It might seem strange to dedicate a blog to this topic, but indulge me for a few moments. We live in a culture that assumes, or at least aspires to, an abundance of care. We care for our children, we long for a partner who cares about us, we pay people to care when we […]

Psalms in the pastoral care toolbox

“The delightful study of the Psalms has yielded me boundless profit and ever-growing pleasure….” – CH Spurgeon The book of Psalms are a blessing to every believer.  They offer words of wisdom and ways to remember the history of the Israelites and they provide prophetic words that point to Jesus and are fulfilled in him. And as those united by faith […]

The provision of Christian Soul Care

Ministry of care is a unique calling and privilege, yet very often we can be unsure how to approach this compassionate care. With pastoral experience at a remote hospital and Bible college in Tanzania and as an Anglican chaplain in one of Sydney’s top paediatric hospitals, Kate Bradford knows how important it is to work […]