What is trauma?

definition of what is trauma from dictionary

‘Trauma’ is the term used to describe a ‘wound to the mind,’ characterised by certain enduring symptoms. This resource provides a basic overview of what trauma is.

Press On: the why and the how

Serving in ministry, Paul and Margie Sheely saw the benefit the Press On course could be to their wider church community. Now 40 people are being encouraged to ‘Press On’, as they do the course at Albury Presbyterian Churches! In these videos, the Sheely’s share why they decided to do the course themselves, the benefits they experienced and how they went on to share the course with others in their church.

How we can all prepare to care – MH+PC Trauma Seminar

In recent years, the study of trauma response and its ongoing effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder has escalated, with mental health professionals developing better insights into the physical and psychological suffering that results. Dr Gladys Mwiti, an international expert on trauma, was recently invited to speak at our professional development day on the subject.

Broken Mind Made Whole

What is mental health? What is mental wellbeing? What does the Christian gospel offer us in the midst of mental health challenges? Rev. Dr Keith Condie explores these questions and the topic of mental health – a subject that affects us all – in a talk he gave at St Barnabas Church, Broadway in Sydney in June 2023.

Press On in a Bible study group

Hear the story of how one Bible study group decided to focus on their mental wellness from a biblical perspective, adapting the Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute’s Press On program to a group context.

Understanding Bipolar Part 3 – Caring for someone with bipolar

Lily Strachan serves as a chaplain to Robert Menzies College at Macquarie University. She was a fellow with Anglican Deaconess Ministries (ADM) in 2021 and is completing a book on living with bipolar and loving those who do. In this third article, Lily provides insights on how to care for someone with bipolar.

Ten tips to support someone struggling with their mental health

1. Ask how they are feeling Often when people are experiencing difficulty, others know about it, but say nothing. This simple question communicates care. 2. Listen to what they say Put your phone away and put your focus completely upon the other person. Let them tell you how it is and use non-verbal cues to […]

Mental health: what Christian faith can offer

Like every aspect of our lives, our minds suffer the ill-effects of living in a fallen, broken world. All of us experience challenges to our mental health; nearly one in two of us will suffer a diagnosable mental health disorder at some stage in our lives. Increasingly, our society is recognising these concerns and talking […]