“Come and see what God has done…” – Devotion #13

The writer of the book of Lamentations writes movingly of his experience of his world falling apart. But at the centre of the book, he speaks of what keeps him going: the faithfulness of God. Because of the Lord, there is hope, even in this most desperate of circumstances.

“Come and see what God has done…” – Devotion #11

In Revelation, we read John’s story of seeing the King above all Kings. The majestic king of the universe. But what does this majestic figure do? With tenderness and love, he reaches down his right hand and touches John and speaks words of comfort.

Being a church that cares for those who have experienced trauma

illustration of a church with a sign reading 'trauma aware'

As God’s people, we want to reflect his heart of compassion and love in our dealings with everyone. What might a compassionate and caring response to those experiencing trauma look like? Here are five suggestions that may assist in beginning that process.

“Come and see what God has done…” – Devotion #10

My mother turned 90 recently and her six grandchildren filled a glass jar with ninety memories of her. Each memory was an example of her goodness towards them. If you were to fill a jar with memories or ways that the Lord has been good to you, what would you include?

Broken Mind Made Whole

What is mental health? What is mental wellbeing? What does the Christian gospel offer us in the midst of mental health challenges? Rev. Dr Keith Condie explores these questions and the topic of mental health – a subject that affects us all – in a talk he gave at St Barnabas Church, Broadway in Sydney in June 2023.

Press On in a Bible study group

Hear the story of how one Bible study group decided to focus on their mental wellness from a biblical perspective, adapting the Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute’s Press On program to a group context.