Building a Safe & Strong Marriage – Full Course Download

$129.00 Inc GST

If you are running this course for a group, this is the best format to purchase. It is recommended you purchase the facilitator manual and participant workbooks as well.

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is a course created to help couples in nurturing and building their marriage, across five easy sessions. The course gives couples a chance to stop and focus on their marriage and how to make it better.

Your purchase includes five downloads to these five sessions:

Session 1: God’s design for marriage

Session 2: What damages our connectedness in marriage?

Session 3: Building the positives – friendship and communication

Session 4: Building the positives – sex and spirituality

Session 5: Managing conflict gently

You can download the videos after purchasing. To get the best use of this course, we recommend purchasing the participant workbooks. If you are running the course for a group, we recommend also purchasing the facilitator manual.