Building a Safe & Strong Marriage – Facilitator Manual Downloadable PDF

$19.95 Inc GST

The Facilitator Manual for Building a Safe & Strong Marriage provides information on how each session is designed to run. It gives helpful tips on everything from room set-up to session timings for an evening course, or a weekend intensive.

The Manual is a vital asset for course facilitators, as it assists you with each session: the materials you need, an overview of the session and timings, even providing suggested scripts for welcoming course participants and guiding them through the course.

If you are a couple who are interested in taking the course on your own, at home, then we suggest purchasing a Facilitator Manual, as it will guide you through each session and how the video material interacts with your Participant Workbooks.

The purchaser of this property has the right to print this property for personal use only.  It may not be printed in bulk or copied, or distributed in any way.  If you are organizing a group purchase, please ensure that this property is purchased for the total number of facilitators involved – each time you run the course.  Building a Safe & Strong Marriage is a resource developed by the Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute. Proceeds from the sale of this product respectfully enable this organization to develop further resources for the benefit of churches and communities.