Why take the marriage course

You might say to me “my marriage is going fine, I don’t need to go to a marriage course!”

I’d like to ask you to think about a car for a moment.  They all need to be filled up with petrol regularly and then every so often, they need “a grease and oil change”.  Marriages are a bit like cars.  You can take them for granted, but if you don’t put petrol in the tank and they never get that grease and oil change, they won’t work.  You will turn that ignition key and nothing happens.  If one in three marriages in Australia end in divorce, then I would like to suggest that all marriages could do with a bit of help and an investment of time and space.

Building a Safe & Strong Marriage will benefit all couples. Believe it or not, each time that we have presented this course, it has helped Keith and I reconnect, talk about some issue that needs to be discussed, or just helped us not take each other for granted.  It is so easy to forget to say thank you….

it has helped Keith and I reconnect

Think of it like a date night!  Set aside one night a week for 5 weeks, or a weekend, to take the course.  Whether you are cruising along happily or feeling a little stressed and disconnected, the course content is designed to enhance your marriage, enabling you to understand its strength and weakness and how you can improve it.

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