Everybody Stresses

Health concerns, chronic pain, cancer, relationship challenges, caring for an aged parent, work difficulties… the list is endless. We all know we aren’t immune to stress. It’s a part of life. But, we don’t all respond in the same way. Some of us are ‘stress heads’. Some of us are ‘worriers’. However, we can make changes in our lives to manage the stresses in our lives in a more helpful manner. But how?

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Spotlight Session: Living with Adult ADHD part 1

Clinical Psychologist, Sarah Hindle, works in private practice and has a special interest in ADHD, focusing on therapeutic support especially of adults with a late diagnosis. Sarah presented at the first Spotlight Session for the Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute, informed by research, experience as a clinician, and experiences living alongside of family-members with ADHD.

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A Childhood Grief

How can we help our children to grieve well when a beloved family pet dies? What helps them to process the loss and to say goodbye? Bonnie Rozorio shares some of the things she did, some of which were purposeful, while others more accidental that seem to have helped her son absorb a loss and grieve well.

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