Press On – Full Course Download + Facilitator Manual PDF + 2 Participant Workbooks Bundle

$149.95 Inc GST

If you are running this course for a group, this is the best format to purchase. You can download the videos and the PDF of the facilitator manual after purchasing. The participant workbooks will be shipped separately.

Press On: Building Resilience & Mental Wellbeing is an online mental health course designed to assist Christian believers in maintaining their mental wellbeing. It is a seven-session course, drawing upon biblical truth as well as key insights from psychological science.

Your purchase includes five downloads to these seven sessions:

Session 1: Mental health and wellbeing

Session 2: Stress and its impact

Session 3: Developing habits & routines and P for ‘Physical’

Session 4: Resilience and R for ‘Relational’

Session 5: E for ‘Emotional’

Session 6: S for ‘Skills’

Session 7: S for ‘Spiritual’