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Strengthen your marriage online

This year. It’s been tough, hasn’t it?

In Australia we have experienced devastating bushfires, drought, floods and now our world is experiencing a global pandemic.

Social restrictions and lockdown have presented many challenges for those working and parenting from home. Being in close proximity nearly all of the time can be a challenge for the best of marriages. A May 2020 Relationships Australia study on the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions found that 42% of people experienced a negative change in their relationship with their partner.

‘Building a Safe & Strong Marriage’ has responded to these challenges by re-packaging our marriage enrichment course into an online marriage course. Hear a little about the course from its co-creators, Keith & Sarah Condie:

The course is easy to purchase and, once you’ve registered on the online learning platform, you have 10 weeks to complete it at your own pace.

Each session deals with a different aspect of marriage: from friendship and communication, to sex, spirituality, and God’s design for marriage. And because disagreements and conflict are a part of every marriage, we talk about how to manage conflict gently.

‘Building a Safe & Strong Marriage’ Sessions

Session 1: God’s design for marriage

Session 2: What damages our connectedness in marriage?

Session 3: Building the positives – friendship and communication

Session 4: Building the positives – sex and spirituality

Session 5: Managing conflict gently

A Look at our online marriage course

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