Meet Keith & Sarah Condie

My name is Sarah and my husband Keith and I are delighted to launch our Building a Safe & Strong Marriage Course.

Keith and I have been married for thirty-seven years and we wish that a course like this had been available to us in our early years of marriage.  It is our hope and prayer that Building a Safe & Strong Marriage will help many other couples not fall into some of the unhelpful patterns of relating that we did.

Keith & Sarah wedding photo and bushwalking photo
Keith and I on our wedding day, and bushwalking on the South Coast.

This course is based on marriage enrichment courses we have run for over fifteen years.  The content has developed over time in response to feedback and new insights.

In the course, we draw upon wisdom from two sources – the Bible and research into marriage.  We have found a remarkable similarity between the two.  Much of what the research affirms about healthy and happy marriages is consistent with the principles outlined in the Bible.  We believe that this course will benefit any marriage, even if you don’t share our faith commitment.

We have developed this resource as we believe that strong, healthy marriages leave a wonderful legacy, benefiting children, church communities and the wider society.

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